The last few days we have been traveling through Peru
It is very remote and just finding there currency was tuff enough
Jamie has done really well
Over the last few days after he left the marathon stage he has gone around 700 km per day and they ended up being the toughest yet
The organizers through everything at them including just as every one would go to bed they would change parts of the maps so they would have to get up and redo part of them in the end Claire would do the maps

Jamie has place himself around 54 overall which he will be now until the end
He had a chance to take himself up to the  around 40 th but got lost the other day and lost a lot of time

At the marathon night they where given a pillow and all just slipped on a carpet rug they all said it was very uncomfortable

Finish line in site

Today we left at 4am and headed to Lima to the finish line
When we arrived there was people everywhere
As far as you could see in the streets it felt very dangerous but also exciting
We were shuffled by bus to secure area one after another before finally  getting to the finish

That was full bore but leaving there area was a lot tougher as we were in a bus just pushing people out of the way for kms

Jamie got to the finish line around 11am and we were all able to get to him and have photos on the finishing dice

He was very happy and we were all very proud

After this was done Jamie went on to the hotel and I drove the vechiles back to the whalf just out of town to get reloaded on the boat to leave for France

I got back to the hotel and the whole team went out for a few drinks and a great meal down town
We have got today before flying out tommorow

The whole trip has been a great experience and we thank Jamie for the adventure

All the other riders and team have told me that what Jamie has achieved is over and above as most people don’t finish on the first attempt some never do
The best was to explain Dakar is that it takes everybody to the edge everyday and for the ones that survive around 40 per cent gives them a chance to to take it to the edge the next day Again and to make the whole 15 days takes a special kind of person

Thanks again Jamie for letting us share your dream can’t wait for the next adventure

Mike Chittick