Rest Day
The rest day was spent doing exactly that for Jamie, catching up some well deserved sleep. 
The mechanics spent the day putting a new motor on the bike and getting it ready for the last half of the race.

Day Nine
Day Nine commenced in Copiapo with a 6.48am start for Jamie with a 722km ride ahead to Antofagasta. This included one of the longest special stages of 477km which was set to be a fast pace section. The bike did well for majority of the race but unfortunately broke down 10 meters from the finish line. Again the problem with the bike centered around the ignition.

Jamie finished 69 for the day to put him 70 overall. The night was spent compiling one of the hardest road books provided at the Dakar so far for Day 8.

Day Ten
A bit of a sleep in today with a 8am start. Day eight’s ride included one of the shortest liaison stages of 9 km before the special stage of 556km. The special stage included a couple of dunes, but with majority of the race being soil -stones. The end of the race proved a highlight including a 5km sand dune which the riders rode straight down into the bivouac. The Hummer that won the cars special stage for the day took this sand dune at 205km an hour and reached the bivouac in only 2 minutes 40.

Jamie had a great day with the bike going well (ignition problems all fixed). He started at 69 for the day, finished 55 and is now 66 overall.

Mike Chittick