Creative Wits

Creative Wits


We are determined to become a part of the team and gain an understanding of your business and its needs. We will endeavour to find the right answer to keep you at the forefront of your industry and be recognised by current, future and potential consumers and clients.  We offer unbiased and neutral advice to achieve positive outcomes such as innovative campaigns,cutting edge advertising or help engaging in the digital world.  We endeavour to discover the right solution and mix. We believe we have the skills and are proficient in a range of marketing solutions. As a result we can provide a holistic approach to find the right niche for you!



We have identified and experienced the costs involved with large advertising agencies or employing a marketing manager or coordinator, not to mention the lengthy contracts.

We believe that if we continue to prove ourselves and offer a personalised service, you will feel confident to work with Creative Wits.

Whether you require a fresh spin on a campaign, promotion or project or whether you need assistance developing your marketing plan and strategies, Creative Wits is happy to help and waiting to talk to you!


Creative Wits don’t have the big overheads of large office spaces and full time staff members of larger ad agencies, which enables us to offer you affordability.  This however, will in no way comprise the quality and efficiency of the work we offer. At all times we will ensure that both Aimee and Tiffany are contactable, providing you with instant communication and a prompt service.  With no contracts this means no account management fees either!

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