JC Motor Sport Dakar Rally 2012

The Dakar rally is the world’s toughest and most followed sporting event comprising a 14 day point to point challenge based in South America.

Utilising navigational skills and stamina the competitors are to compete against the worlds best motorbike, car and truck riders. With over 3.5 million live spectators at the rally and over 2.2 billion TV viewers worldwide, this grueling challenge known to have up to 1 million spectators that line the street on day one, tests both the man and the machine and is well known for its frequent fatalities.

Exceeding distances of 600km per day and reaching speeds of more than 170 km p/h, the Dakar Rally is one that only the best compete in.  JC Motorsports Dakar 2012 features Jamie Chittick, long-time motocross rider and Managing Director of Liquor Home Delivery. Jamie aims to raise $120,000 by December 2011 to compete in the 2012 race.

Jamie Chittick has rode motorbikes since the young age of 9 and entered his first 80cc class race at the age of 13. Between 1991 and 1994 he ranked 2nd in 125cc Wanneroo Club, ranked 3rd and 2nd consecutively in A and B grade state and was the 125cc senior club champion in 1994.

After the theft of his bike, 2007 saw the year when once again Jamie Chittick hit the dirt. Entering in the 520km desert Gascoyne Dash in 2008, 2009 and 2010, Jamie ranked his best result of 10th overall and 4th in his 450cc class. Jamie has also raced in a number of other events including the Finke desert race in 2009 and 2010 ranking 51st out of 500 entries, the 12 hour Yilgarn Navigational Rally in 2009 finishing 9th overall and 4th in his class, the 4,000km Australasian Safari in 2009 and 2010 finishing 8th overall and 4th in his class as well as the 500km Indi 500 desert race in Port Headland finishing 17th overall.

Jamie plans on entering a number of races over the coming year including the Finke Desert Race, Indi 500, Australa sian Safari, Gascoyne Dash and the Dakar 2012.  Jamies passion and drive for motocross riding shows in his great ability to compete in world class events and through his stamina and ability.

Jamie aims to raise $120,000 by December to compete in the Dakar 2012 race in South America.


  • Beano (6 years)

    Good luck mate

  • Craig Gurney (6 years)

    Hey guys

    Goodluck – I will be on this site to keep an update and see you you are tracking

    Chat soon

  • All the best Jamie. We are watching and following your progress, please keep us updated. Hope you do really well.

  • Murray Reid (6 years)

    Hey Crew. Hope all is well and you enjoyed Xmas. Just a quick note to say Half 1 target achieved. Well done. Also, like to wish you all the best for the race and may you be incident free and complete the task at hand.
    All the best for the New Year and look forward to catching up with you all on your return.


  • Dean Turner (6 years)

    Legend, I’m talking to Jamie not you Mike

    Not long now by my time its 2 days to go and I’m looking forward to getting your feedback on Day 1 of the race.

    Hopefully all the hard work pays off and you smash em. It doesnt get any bigger so I dont want to make you nervous but wish you all the best. Good luck.


  • Beano (6 years)

    Merry Christmas and happy new year guys. Hope you all well and enjoyig every minute.

  • Raquel Bebbington (6 years)

    All the best Jamie.

    Raquel – Wembley Lacrosse

  • Josh and Janice (6 years)

    Good Luck Jamie, hope you are all having a great time.

  • Peter Howse (6 years)

    Good Luck Jamie….

    Hope you guys had a Merry Xmas and a great new year – keep moving up the field….

    All the Best.


  • Wendy (6 years)

    60th overall, that is awesome Jamie, good luck for the rest of the race.

  • Thommo and Jaime (6 years)

    Following you every day mate.
    Goodluck and keep safe.
    Look forward to hearing some stories when you get back.

  • Hayley (6 years)

    Go Jamie!! How awesome, be careful though, good luck!

  • Steven Pearce (6 years)

    Wishing you all the best mate, have been following your progress with interest …

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